The value derived from your life insurance policies changes over time as your insurance needs change - and positioning life insurance as an asset within your portfolio may be an important and valuable dimension to your financial security.  

Permanent life insurance policies are effective estate planning tools and have long been considered by savvy Canadians as an attractive alternative asset class that can improve returns and reduce overall risk in an investment portfolio, while ensuring that your insurance needs continue to be efficiently addressed. 

Life inherently has many unknowns, but with properly structured permanent life insurance policies,

  • You can structure your premiums so that they do not change;
  • Your premium paying obligation is clearly defined;
  • The amount of insurance will remain in effect for your entire life; and
  • The cash values that you can access during your lifetime grow tax-free within the insurance policy over time. 

When you access the values within your permanent life insurance policy, you can use the funds to purchase a home, fund a child’s education, buy a new business or finance your expanding business, or generate retirement income.

Permanent life insurance policies can be owned personally or by a corporation.


The primary purpose of holding a life insurance policy is always about addressing your insurance need.

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