"The money we manage is not our money - it's our clients' past and their future."

          - Dr. Eduardo Repetto, PhD, Former Director and Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Dimensional Fund Advisors


You are not alone in making financial decisions.  Working with a financial advisor who understands your goals can bring clarity, objectivity and efficiency to your financial life.  We can help keep you focused on your long-term financial goals and put you in the best position to achieve them.  Independent and unbiased financial advice from a qualified advisor can profoundly impact your financial experience and deliver value that goes beyond simply your total assets or a rate of return.

  • The Value Of An Advisor Goes Well Beyond Investment Selection And Asset Allocation.

    We can help you define your investment goals, identify concerns, and create a comprehensive financial strategy to fulfill life objectives.  This can include many services beyond investment selection and asset allocation, such as insurance planning, retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning or charitable gifting.  This can also include educating and imparting a level of knowledge about financial matters to you, which can translate into discipline.  By partnering with a professional who has knowledge and expertise, you can make financial and investment decisions in the context of your financial picture.

  • There Is Value In The Time And Resources Required To Manage Your Financial Life.

    Staying up to date on the changing landscape of investments, financial strategies, taxes, and other regulatory matters requires time, expertise and resources.  There is also the coordination with your other service providers, such as your accountant, lawyer or custodians, which is required to execute a comprehensive financial strategy.  Many people outsource other aspects of their lives to professional service providers because they either understand the complexity of the matter or place a greater value on their time.  By engaging us, you can spend more time doing the things that are most important to you.

  • It Can Be Challenging To Remain Objective And Stay Disciplined During Volatile Markets.

    Many emotions arise from matters involving money.  We can combine a deep understanding of your financial situation and personal goals with an ability to remain objective when times get tough.  This balanced perspective can encourage you to make rational investment decisions.  Often, this means keeping you focused on the long-term and tuning out the noise of distractions that can take you off course.

  • Fees Are Only One Factor When Selecting A Provider Of Professional Advice.

    While you should understand the costs associated with the services you receive, purchasing the lowest cost option is not always the best decision.  Many factors need to be considered, such as the quality of the service, experience and expertise of the provider, range of services offered, interactions with the provider, level of customer service or the overall experience.  Cost is unlikely to be the primary consideration when selecting a physician or lawyer, and the same notion should apply to your professional financial advice.

  • Life Is Unpredictable, But Your Financial Strategies Do Not Have To Be.

    A financial advisor can assist in planning and preparing for life’s uncertainties, which can help you stay on track when the unexpected occurs.  Your goals and circumstances will evolve.  We can bring structure and clarity to financial decisions while helping you understand new challenges and opportunities that may arise as you move through life.

  • It Is Hard To Put A Price Tag On Peace Of Mind.

    Many investors seek a formula or a magic number to help them justify the fees they pay for financial advice.  The reality is that every investor has a unique financial journey and helping you feel positive about your financial position as you move toward achieving your goals can be a major part of the value of professional financial advice.